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When Ito En made the decision to launch its water brand, their strongest challenge was to create a brand that could compete with other numerous Hawaii bottled waters and yet meet the high quality standards that Ito En requires for its customers. In 2011, Ito En selected Pac Allied Products to Co-package its new private label brand Aloha Wai (which means “welcoming” and “water” in Hawaiian) of Hawaii purified water. Aloha Wai comes in three sizes: 500 ml, 1 liter and 1.5 liters. The Aloha Wai brand is making a mark in the Hawaii market. Among the company’s key customers are ABC Stores, 7- Eleven, Longs Drugs, Foodland, Don Quijote, K-Mart, Times Supermarkets, Aloha Island Mart, Lawsons, Tanikai, M&K, Suisan, Ambros (Guam), and other key accounts.