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We can provide three kinds of water: Hawai‘i Purified Water, Hawai‘i Spring Water and Hawai‘i Deep Sea Water. Each type of water has its own distinctive taste, and is made in Hawai‘i, for Hawai‘i companies. We invite you to try all three to discover your preference. No matter which water is chosen, you can always expect a quality product. All of our products are tested for quality assurance and safety standards before being packaged.

Hawaiian Purified Water

Our Purified Drinking Water is the top choice of clients who would like to add their own company’s minerals and flavor to their water brands. This type of water is purified and stripped of its natural minerals, to be consumed as purified water or to have new nutrients and minerals added in for a one-of-a-kind blend.

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Hawaiian Spring Artesian Water

Our Hawaiian Artesian Water is tapped straight from the Ko‘olau mountain range, it is all the rain that fell on the mountains ages ago and filtered naturally through the porous volcanic rock.

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Hawaiian Sea Water

Found only at the deepest depths of the ocean and rich in minerals, Hawaiian Sea Water is becoming more and more popular in the water industry. Pacific Allied Products’ Hawaiian Sea Water is mined, retrieved and processed by our partners, Deep Ocean Enterprises, in waters off the coast of Kona, Hawai‘i Island.

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Your Own Water

Private Label - Hawaiian Bottled WaterLet us bottle your very own brand of bottled water. Choose your water and we’ll do the rest, including developing the brand, bottle, packaging and of course the water!

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Have a Question?Have a question or ready to bottle your very own pure Hawaiian water? Our water experts are ready to answer your questions.

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