All of us at Pacific Allied Products take sustainability very seriously. Where ever possible, we are looking for ways to save energy, reuse materials and use fewer materials in the first place.

For example, our new Italian-manufactured SIPA Blow Molder SFR 6 EVO saves a significant amount of energy. With this machine, we have reduced the amount of electricity required to produce 1,000 half-liter bottles of water (the most common size) by 43 percent. Our estimated annual savings on electricity is more than $148,000, or the equivalent to 601,560-kilowatt hours (kWh).

For this accomplishment, Hawai‘i Energy, a conservation and efficiency program for Hawai‘i, recently presented Pacific Allied Products with an incentive check for $91,484 to support our further efforts at efficiency.


As our company grows, we continue to explore new technology with recycled PET bottles to implement soon.